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"In my latest This Week in Small Business post, I noted the arrival of Doreen Bloch’s new book, “The Coolest Startups In America” (Building Bloch Books). As a follow-up, I went back to Ms. Bloch with a few questions about start-ups." - Gene Marks, The New York Times

"Author Doreen Bloch is a New York City-based entrepreneur and author who identifies companies that are disrupting traditional industries with innovative web products. She uncovered 7 common characteristics of the most successful startups: they solve real problems, do it in a unique way, have reach, are ambitious, execute quickly and efficiently, focus on the consumer, and have cool brands.”
- Daryl Bernstein, RightSignature Blog

"Is Your Startup Cool?" - The Huffington Post

"This book gets you out of the TechCrunch bubble."
- Alex Budak, Start Some Good

"I can’t imagine a better idea for a book. If this book were a startup, I’d want to invest."
- Liron Shapira, Quixey

"The Coolest Startups in America (Featuring Women Entrepreneurs)"
- Women 2.0

Press Release: Discover “The Coolest Startups in America” with Much-Anticipated New Business Book Debut
- PRWeb

"The first of its kind…" - News Release from Segmint

"Obviously this is a great honor to be included in this list. We’re big fans of some of the other companies on the list, and we are glad to be doing our part to make the world a little bit more awesome." - Marc Brodeur, Brode blog

Chillin’ With The 72 Coolest Startups In America



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"Doreen is a rock-star … she’s been covered by more publications than she probably knows what to do with! Homegirl hit a home run" - Jenny Blake, Life After College

The Coolest Startups in America featured by Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle at SF Gate, Yahoo! News, eWallStreeter, and more.